Cleaning up, making space

About two weeks ago the weather was rather mild here, so I thought to myself: Let’s get busy! I went outside and started cleaning up the garden. Alternating between cleaning the greenhouse window glass and transferring the compost heap from one place to another, which I needed to do anyway if I wanted to try out my new garden lay-out.

You should always be careful and take it slowly to avoid straining your back. Turning a compost heap is not exactly a walk in the park. So I took my time and divided my time properly turning the heap, cleaning up branches and cleaning the greenhouse.

To give you an insight on my new kitchen garden lay-out, I made a sketch. I used SketchUp for this. It’s a very user-friendly web-app with a lot of possibilities.

Kitchen Garden top view

– 9 main beds
– a supporting bed next to greenhouse
– compost heap
– blank canvas to the left (for fruits and perennials)

Kitchen Garden front view

So the first step in cleaning up, was turning the compost heap (down right corner on sketch). This is very important as it creates aeriation. It helps the bacteria, fungi and insects to do their thing and speeds the composting proces up significantly. The more you mix up the green and brown materials (and oxygen), the faster you attain the much beloved black substance. If you use a pitchfork, turning the pile will go much easier. I’ll write more on the details of composting in a future post.

Compost heap

The next step was cleaning windows. A greenhouse is an improvement and added value to your garden when used well. You must follow some simple rules to create a well-balanced micro climate for your plants. They need more warmth and a prolonged growing season, which are the main benefits of having a greenhouse.

One of the rules to follow is that you have to keep the glass as clean as possible. Even more important than warmth, is light. Dirty window glass prevents sunlight from fully reaching your vegetables and fruits, negatively influencing the taste during the riping proces. You want less water and more intense flavours! There are some other things to know about greenhouse gardening as well, but I’ll mention those in a future post dedicated to the greenhouse in particular.

So for now, don’t forget cleaning up! Tedious job, I know, but necessary nonetheless!

See you soon!

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