How to grow a Mango tree from store-bought mango

A couple of days ago I bought a mango in the grocery store and saved its seed. Off course I needed to try and grow a mango tree! Curiosity took the better hand of me. It asks a little bit of effort, but with the right instructions, every one can do it.

Mango trees are demanding tropical plants. They need lots of nitrogen, warmth and humid air. If you live in any other zone than zone 10, 11 or 12, it’s best you keep your plant in a container to let it hibernate indoors. They can be grown in a full sun spot, but will be content with 6 hours of sunlight. They prefer slightly acidic soil (5,5 – 6,5).

Young mango trees can withstand temperatures as low as -1°C (30 °F). Once established then can put up with -4°C (25°F). However it’s better for them to never get that cold. The best temperature conditions swing between 15°C (60°F) and 37°C (100°F).

The soil needs to be very draining, for its roots don’t like to be wet and they will very easily rot. So always make sure you don’t over-water your mango plant. Put your finger into the soil. You give it extra water when you feel no moisture at all. Also don’t forget to mist the leaves every once in a while.

Now go out and buy a mango in your local grocery store. First, enjoy eating it! Next, continue reading this guide on how to start your plant from seed.

1. Scrape off the flesh as much as possible.

Mango seed shell

2. Carefully cut the inwards going side (right side in the above pic) of the shell until the two sides disconnect. Gently pry it open and take out the seed.

Mango seed out of shell

3. Now wrap it up in wet paper towel and put it in a sealed bag on your radiator for a couple of days.

Mango seed to germinate

Once the seed shows signs of germinating, it’s ready to be transplanted in soil.

What you need is a small container (P19, 20 cm/8 inch). Fill it up with a 1/1 mix of good potting mix (or humus) and sand (to improve draining). Make a dent in your mix the size of the seed and lay your seed inside. Slightly cover it with a thin layer of soil and water it. All you need to do now is wait and be patient.

Mango seed germinating

Now remember, mango trees are tropical plants. If you want them to thrive, treat them as tropical plants and provide them the warmth and damp air they need.

Happy growing!


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